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    Baca Lighting is an expert with many years of experience for creating productive, reliable and energy efficient lighting solutions, especially for the home, office, retail, industry and public environments segment. Through their 12 years of experience with the Philips Dynalite control system, they can work with almost all brands in the consumer electronics, energy, lighting and alarm segment. Baca Lighting offers a sophisticated, user-friendly and affordable control system, and by working together with Color Kinetics, they enable fantastic light effects for church halls, house facades and more.
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    Baca Lighting is specialized in indoor and outdoor lighting and control.
    Baca Lighting is specialized in Philips Dynalite and Color Kinetics.


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    St. Laurentii
    Söderköping, Sweden

    With LED lighting and lighting scenarios, St. Laurentii church in Söderköping has obtained an effective church space that can be adapted to different needs. Church visitors now have, with the help of light and sound, the opportunity to experience different moods, for example feeling uplifted, reflecting or meditating. For the lighting effects, quality and reliability were important, and the luminaires were discrete. ColorGraze RGBW, which offers a wide range of optical solutions, was the perfect luminaire for the effect lighting and was mounted on the floor to illuminate the arches and columns of the church. The headlamps were also replaced by spotlights with Philips Master LED AR111 on 11W, increasing the power to 5,000W, instead of the previous 1,100W. The Philips Dynalite control system has been used for all church lighting and has been combined with the iPlayer 3 control system and Color Kinetics products to create a total effect lighting solution. Since the LED products have a long life time, St. Laurentii church saves a lot on maintenance. The church has received a very effective lighting which highlights the architecture of the church room with sustainable products that draw some energy and last a long time.

    ABB Arena
    Karlskrona, Sweden

    The modern multi-purpose arena ABB Arena Karlskrona is the home arena for Karlskrona Hockey Club, KHK. With the joining of the Swedish ice hockey league to the SHL elite series new demands on the lighting were made. The municipality of Karlskrona wanted a modern and energy-efficient lighting system within a lighting control adapted for sports halls. The lighting would meet the elite's lighting requirements for HD broadcasting and ballproofing requirements in accordance with EU standards. Since the HD cameras require a uniform lighting in order to exhibit a high quality for television broadcasts, the elite series places high demands on the uniformity of lighting. They also wanted to reduce energy costs by 60%, lower maintenance costs in comparison to the previous fluorescent lamp and enable different lighting scenarios for different types of activities.


    Lights in Alingsås
    Alingsås, Sweden

    The project Lights in Alingsås started 17 years ago. Since then, about 90 professional members have been running workshops with lighting designers and design students in the beautiful Swedish city. Lights in Alingsås begins with a workshop a week before the opening of the exhibition. Seven internationally active Light Designers, along with around 60 international design and architectural students from different parts of the world, receive the exclusive contract to illuminate selected buildings in Alingsås. This year, Signify sponsored the event with iColor Accent luminaires and complementary accessories for the Tracks of Emotion project, which was installed at Alingsås station. Baca Lighting was responsible for programming the installation.



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    A Signify and Baca Lighting collaboration

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