Safety and security

    Lighting for safety and security


    Over the past decade, lighting has gone through a significant technological transformation, opening up new possibilities for using lighting systems to support the safety and security of people in illuminated spaces.


    These possibilities include responsive, connected LED lighting systems designed for streets, walkways, parks, and other outdoor areas, as well as the full range of professional indoor environments, from healthcare facilities to office spaces to hotel rooms.

    Signify supports the United Nations Strategic Development Goals

    Our lighting for safety and security ambitions are guided by UN SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities).
    UN SDG 11

    Connected lighting for outdoor urban spaces


    With increasing urbanization, street crime and traffic accidents are a real challenge. Interact connected lighting systems from Signify streamline city services and can help to lower street crime and night-time traffic accidents while reducing lighting-related energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and costs for maintenance and repairs.


    The Interact connected infrastructure can also serve as a key pillar of a smart city ecosystem, accelerating the journey toward digitalization and city sustainability.


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    Secure, high-speed connectivity with LiFi


    Wireless connectivity is a must-have. Conventional wireless connectivity solutions use the crowded radio spectrum to communicate. What’s more, there are areas where radio frequency wireless connectivity is not permitted or the best fit.


    Trulifi by Signify is the perfect solution. It’s a range of LiFi systems that provides consistent high-speed connectivity, unique physical security, and latency for real-time data streaming. And because it’s immune to electromagnetic interference Trulifi is ideal for industrial environments.


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    Connected lighting for outdoor home spaces


    Smart home security systems from Hue and WiZ, Signify’s two global consumer brands connected LED lighting, combine indoor and outdoor bulbs and luminaires with sensors, cameras, and mobile apps to provide a sense of security wherever you live.

    Philips Hue Secure smart home security system


    Monitor your home in real time with mobile alerts and live camera feeds. Warn off potential intruders with light and sound alarms. Take full control of your entire smart security system with the Security Center in the Hue app.


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    Prevent, alert, and deter—with WiZ


    WiZ gives you full control whether at home or away with our integrated security and light control app. Turn on the lights, trigger a light alarm, turn on two-way audio, or activate the WiZ camera to see what’s happening in real time—no matter where you are.


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