Carbon offsetting

    Our carbon offsetting program


    Being a carbon neutral company, we invest in several carbon emission reduction projects. These projects help us support communities in emerging economies to transition to a low-carbon economy. Our selected projects also drive social, economic, and environmental progress for the communities within which they operate.


    We have partnered with South Pole, a global market leader in sustainability solutions, products and services that helps companies reach their most ambitious climate and sustainability commitments. Thanks to this partnership, we have gained access to over a decade’s worth of experience in creating global impact through green power, carbon credits, and developing verified and certified emission reduction projects. 

    “We congratulate Signify for continuing to champion the results-based climate action we so urgently need. South Pole is thrilled to have been supporting Signify on its Climate Journey for nearly half a decade now, helping to channel Signify's support to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions in India, Colombia, and Zimbabwe, among others, but also to benefit the well-being of local communities around the world.”


    Renat Heuberger, CEO South Pole

    Carbon Offsetting Projects

    Signify enables carbon offsetting projects

    Local Workers

    Local workers talk about our project in Colombia

    Our carbon offsetting projects

    Off-grid solar energy project

    Off-grid solar energy project in India


    In Gumla district, more than 500,000 people lack access to electricity. After sunset everything shuts down. Bringing light to them is not just about covering their basic needs. It catalyzes a full transformational journey towards employment, better health and improved overall wellbeing. Through this project we’re able to help people who wouldn’t normally be served by a commercial energy company. The Gumla project develops renewable energy power plants which avoid burning fossil fuels and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Each solar panel is expected to last 25 years, at which point new solar panels will be provided, ensuring project continuity.

    Signify Climate Action Report

    In 2021, Signify completed the first year of its ambitious Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 program. At the same, and for the very first time, Signify publishes its first-ever Climate Action Report, illustrating its progress in taking climate action across the entire value chain.


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