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    Forman & Associates have been serving the architectural and entertainment lighting community in Southern California for over 45 years.
    Their team includes specialists in architectural lighting, energy management, site and area lighting, controls, and all aspects of entertainment lighting.Their customers include architectural lighting projects, theme parks, commercial, entertainment, and educational facilities.
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    Platinum Certified System Integrator

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    Color Kinetics, Luminous Surfaces and Interact, Strand Lighting, and Vari-Lite


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Los Angeles International Airport
    Los Angeles, California, United States

    Visitors to Los Angeles will all be familiar with the now iconic pylons at the entrance to Los Angeles International Airport, and the sweeping ribbon of colored light that follows the upper roadway around the terminals. Featured on nearly every newscast, the pylons are illuminated with nearly two thousand ColorBlast luminaires from Color Kinetics.


    The airport uses the lights as a dynamic entrance to the building, and to celebrate and support events throughout the city and the world. The ribbon of light around the roadway is programmed to provide complementary light to the pylons and features nearly a mile of ColorGraze luminaires from Color Kinetics, used to create subtle color changes on the route around the terminals.

    Our partnership with Signify has been a big part of the core success of our business. We design and integrate systems using all Signify’s products in all our global projects. Signify’s commitment to innovation and quality products is key to our partnership and success.”

    Peter Rogers

    Director of Special Projects - Forman & Associates

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