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    Elos d.o.o. is a leading lighting company in Croatia dedicated to the design, engineering, and execution of lighting solutions in all application areas. They have a professional team of over fifty employees with 15 years of experience in the field.
    Elos employs a wide range of renowned brands and can solve even the most demanding lighting challenges. Their strength lies in the ability to seamlessly align all areas of each project, from conception to completion. Elos is proud to have been awarded best CSI of the year two years in a row by Signify.

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    Platinum Certified System Integrator

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    All segments of lighting, from energy-efficiency projects to dynamic and smart solutions



    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Osijek public lighting
    Osijek, Croatia


    Elos undertook a massive project in Osijek to retrofit the city’s existing 11,000 light points. The entire project was funded by the city’s energy savings fund. Connected lighting in key areas within the city provided additional savings and future-proofing benefits.


    The project design was done by an independent contractor and focused on energy efficiency. Four different luminaire types were installed in various areas of the city. These included the historical center, parks, pedestrian paths, and streets. High-quality luminaires had to provide a comfortable warm color temperature of 3000 K while also creating minimal light pollution.


    Energy efficiency was key throughout the project. Each luminaire was able to be individually dimmed, while selected zones were given additional features such as cloud control and data collection.

    We see this rapid development of new technologies as a never-ending opportunity. With the right partner by your side, you can create very complex connected projects.”

    Jakov Milun

    Director of Lighting Design Department – Elos

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