How to accelerate your sustainability journey?

    Case study webinar from Signify, carbon-neutral manufacturer.

    The clock is ticking on the climate crisis. Global demand for energy is fast outpacing energy efficiency. This “Decade of Climate Action” is crucial if we are to meet the goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

    Digital innovation and adoption has opened new opportunities to rethink how we do business and embrace more sustainable practices. Now is not the time to pause on progress. Instead, we must all double our efforts.

    As a global manufacturer that has made the transition to carbon neutrality in all our markets, we understand the challenges you are facing. Join us, at 3:00 – 3:45 PM (CET) on Tuesday 27th October to find out about our sustainability journey and plans to go even further in the future. We will be discussing how to deliver a more sustainable future, including:


    • World class energy efficiency – meeting the Paris Agreement and beyond
    • Embracing the circular economy – new services and business models
    • Human-centric technology – improving health & well-being 
    Tuesday, October 27, 2020 3:00 pm
    Webex webinar
    Theme of the Event: Sustainability
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