Lighting up the future of ‘Dragon Lake’ village in China

    May 31, 2021


    Signify Foundation improved the life of Longhu Village residents with solar lighting


    “As soon as the sun goes down, these streetlights take over and continue lighting common spaces in this little village. Roads outside our homes are beautifully lit, and the lights from afar form a shape like a flying dragon!”, shared Mr. Peng, the first villager we met during our visit.


    The name Longhu Village, situated in Guzhang County, Hunan province in China, literally translates to ‘Dragon Lake’ village. It’s one of the most underdeveloped areas in the country. With the nightfall in the past, barely anyone would venture out of their home.


    Lighting would extend their social and productive hours, and to enhance feelings of safety and security, thus contributing to a better sense of wellbeing and community, throughout the village. And that’s why Signify China was called upon by our long-term partner China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF).


    In the second half of 2019, a unique project committee came together, consisting of the Signify China Corporate Social Responsibility team, system center team and developmental experts from CEPF, supported by the Signify Foundation.


    Considering the mountainous landscape and limited grid connectivity in the village, solar outdoor lighting stood out as most suitable and sustainable solution. For lighting design, manufacturing, logistics, installation and, most importantly, community engagement, the team worked closely and finally, right before New Year’s Eve, 200 streetlights were switched on.

    Dragon Lake Village

    Now villagers like Mr. Peng can live a more fulfilled life in the evening – “My beloved little grandson didn’t enjoy staying here earlier as he could only stay indoors in the evening, thus I wasn’t able to see him often. Now, thanks to the lights, I’m able to bring him to the plaza after dinner, and to other neighbors with kids – he stayed here the whole week last week and promised to come back soon!”, he said, with evident joy.


    “The lights enabled so many opportunities at night, market activities continue and villagers enjoy their night life. And most of all, it makes such a difference when people see hope; that tomorrow there is a better future”, said the village head.


    For the project team, the stories of Mr. Peng and the other villagers validate all the effort and hard work they put in together to share the power of light.

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    Lily Young

    Lily Young

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    Yue Cui
    Yue Cui
    Foundation Director, Signify Foundation

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