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    Light is a fundamental part of our lives. With a flick of a switch, it transforms darkness into places where people can work, learn and create. In a world where more than one billion people have no reliable access to power,  electric light is a distant dream for many. The Signify Foundation is committed to ending this imbalance by providing sustainable access to light to communities underserved by the power grid. These can include home lighting, institutional lighting, public lighting and lighting for emergency relief.

    Governance and structure

    The Signify Foundation is led by a Management Board comprised of four members with a majority independent from Signify. The Management Board delegates the daily operations to the Foundation Director who reports and is accountable to the Board. This Foundation Director is supported by an operations team seconded to the Foundation by Signify. In addition, other Signify employees may support the Foundation on an ad-hoc, part-time or voluntary basis.

    Board members

    Shalini Sarin

    Dr. Shalini Sarin


    Chair of the Board

    Pieter de Han

    Pieter de Haan


    Board Member


    Jacqueline Cramer


    Board Member


    Bas van


    Board member

    Operations team

    Prajna Khanna

    Prajna Khanna



    Prajna Khanna

    Yue Cui


    Program Manager

    Policy plan

    The Signify Foundation receives annual funding from Signify. Signify will also provide in-kind donation through the provision of expert volunteers, community volunteers, products and services. Additionally, the Signify Foundation envisages to raise funds from external entities.

    In addition to dedicated and occasional staff, Signify also supports the Signify Foundation through the provision of office space, meeting space, IT and travel support and the hosting of the Signify Foundation website on the Signify servers.

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    Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.

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