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    Sharing the Power of Light


    The Signify Foundation has been working with its partners to bring light and opportunities to people who aspire to create a brighter future.

    As part of our Brighter Communities program, building recovery and resilience for underserved communities by enabling access to light and livelihood development has been the foundation’s focus.

    Watch the video to witness the power of light and hear from our strong supporters who lead the change.

    About us

    The Signify Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged and underserved communities across the world by enabling access to light. When pursuing this mission, the Foundation expects to leverage on Signify’s expertise and knowledge to help develop and provide easily-accessible, sustainable lighting systems that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.


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    Our focus


    We help to create positive change in developing remote and off-grid communities by focusing our efforts in three key areas:

    • Brighter Learning
    • Brighter Health
    • Brighter Living


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    Our partners


    Through our projects, we partner with and support intermediaries across the value chain. Ranging from small local schools to international non-governmental organizations. Our partners are crucial when it comes to the execution and safeguarding the sustainability of our projects.

    Annual Report 2023


    Around the globe, 745 million people still live without access to energy, which often means living without access to light after sundown.  Since our formation in 2017, we have been working toward our initial target of serving 10 million lives with lighting by 2025.  Over the years, we have gathered experience and learnings that help us finetune our focus and operations to effectively serve communities in need. We are pleased to present our 2023 annual report, which  will bring you along in the trials and triumphs we face as we work towards our vision, giving you insight into where we are and where we plan to go.


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    Highlighted stories

    • Rising to the need of Ukraine

      Rising to the need of Ukraine

      The Signify Foundation sent portable lights to Ukraine to support the relief efforts and Signify commits to over €1 million donation.

    • Building a brighter future for Sharon with BRAC, Enlight and ACE

      Building a brighter future for Sharon with BRAC, Enlight and ACE

      Lighting Entrepreneurs – Uganda: Sharon’s story on her journey from dropping out of school to becoming a star solar sales agent.

    • Extending the day with solar streetlights

      Extending the day with solar streetlights

      Lighting Lives – India: Solar street lighting with Smart Power India to make a significant improvement in the quality of life, economy, and safety of villagers.

    Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.
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