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    6 Million Lives Lit by Signify Foundation


    In 2017, we set ourselves a target to illuminate the lives of five million people by 2020: by mid-2020, we celebrated our fulfilled commitment. As the year came to a close, we outperformed our target, lighting 6 million lives in communities around the globe through projects supported by the combined resources of Signify Corporate Social Responsibility programs and the Signify Foundation.

    About us

    The Signify Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged and underserved communities across the world by enabling access to light. When pursuing this mission, the Foundation expects to leverage on Signify’s expertise and knowledge to help develop and provide easily-accessible, sustainable lighting systems that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.


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    Our focus


    We help to create positive change in developing and disaster-affected locations by focusing our efforts in three key areas:

    • Lighting lives
    • Lighting entrepreneurs
    • Humanitarian lighting


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    Our partners


    Through our projects, we partner with and support intermediaries across the value chain, ranging from manufacturer to distributors and technical training institutes to financing agencies. It is our role to link these value chain intermediaries, to foster an ecosystem approach to tackle their barriers to growth and scalability. This approach helps structurally address weaknesses across the entire value chain so that strengthening one link helps to strengthen the next link in the chain.


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    Annual Report 2020


    In our fourth year of operation, Signify Foundation has remained committed to enabling access to the benefits of sustainable lighting in underserved communities around the world. This year, Signify Foundation marked the achievement of lighting six million lives across Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America, surpassing our 2020 goal.


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    Highlight projects

    • Building a brighter future for Sharon with BRAC, Enlight and ACE

      Building a brighter future for Sharon with BRAC, Enlight and ACE

      Lighting Entrepreneurs – Uganda: Sharon’s story on her journey from dropping out of school to becoming a star solar sales agent.

    • Extending the day with solar streetlights

      Extending the day with solar streetlights

      Lighting Lives – India: Solar street lighting with Smart Power India to make a significant improvement in the quality of life, economy, and safety of villagers.

    • Lighting Johan Cruyff courts for inclusive sports around the world

      Lighting Johan Cruyff courts for inclusive sports around the world

      Lighting lives – Global: Lighting up Cruyff Courts for special needs and underserved children.

    Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.

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