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    May 09, 2019


    At Signify, we provide a safe and healthy workplace for all. And for Safety Week we embrace and strengthen our strong safety culture.


    At Signify, we care for the health and safety of all of our employees. Whether onsite or traveling, we’re committed to a zero-injury workplace. That’s why we set ambitious safety targets under our Brighter Lives, Better World program. One injury is one too many.


    For one week each year, around World Day for Safety and Health, we focus on strengthening injury prevention. Because safety is everyone’s responsibility, Signify is committed to maintaining a strong safety culture, one where we’re all committed, we know the risks, and we speak out.

    Reflecting on last year’s safety measures

    In 2015 we set the target to cut our accidents in half by 2020. We then started implementing all the necessary safety measures – and more. In 2018 we have already achieved our 2020 target!


    During last year’s Safety Week we focused on embedding our safety mindset throughout our organization. We organized a communications campaign accompanied by injury prevention activities and competitions.


    We also engaged specifically with people managers, enabling to equip their teams with an injury prevention mindset and prevent workplace incidents. This year we’re focusing on office safety and safe driving – to ensure all employees return home safe each day.

    HPI measuring
    14 industrial units went through the year without any recordable injuries. There are 5 industrial sites that have had no recordable injuries over the last 3 years, while 54 sites have gone more than 500 days injury-free at year-end 2018.

    Why is office safety important?

    Safety might resonate more in the context of heavy machinery or field projects, but global statistics on office safety shows that every year about two million office employees are injured at work. Most often on stairs or from lifting.


    We have offices across the world and we’re committed to ensuring that injury prevention culture is as strong as possible in each of them.

    Office Safety

    In our offices around the world, we’ll be activating a series of activities – like injury prevention games, safety observation challenges and trainings on our 10 golden safety rules. We’ll also provide activities that cover commuting and business travel.


    We’re working to embed safety in every aspect of our business. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, so we stay vigilant in the workplace, and communicate regularly with our employees on this topic – especially during Safety Week.


    As our Health and Safety Policy states “We care for our people. Each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment.”

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    Nicola Kimm

    Nicola Kimm

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