Reflecting on Earth Day at Signify


    April 22, 2018


    At Signify, respecting the planet – and its inhabitants – is at the heart of our Brighter Lives, Better World program.


    The theme of Earth Day 2019 is ‘Protect Our Species’. Fighting the rapid extinction of plant and animals is the responsibility of everyone, and it’s one we at Signify take very seriously.


    Our commitment to become carbon neutral is not only about the climate, it’s also about contributing to natural habitats through our carbon offsetting projects. To enable these projects, we’ve partnered with South Pole.


    In Zimbabwe, our carbon offsetting project ensures that 785,000 hectares on the southern shores of Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba are now being protected, including the critically endangered Black Rhino.


    On the other side of the planet, in Colombia, we’ve been active in the regions of Caceres and Cravo Norte.


    Reversing forest degradation in Colombia

    In 2017, we involved all our employees in selecting the offsetting projects we felt most strongly about such as restoring forests and enhancing biodiversity. One place we devoted our efforts is the regions of Caceres and Cravo Norte in Colombia. As a result of excessive mining and livestock farming, the forests in these regions were suffering from land degradation, water depletion, and serious threat to natural capital.


    Our carbon offsetting project restored 1,116 ha of forest – including the reintroduction of 20 species of native trees. As a result, 58,000 tons of carbon were mitigated and clean water was made accessible to the surrounding areas.


    “Our water sources were depleted. There was very little water coming from the spring. Since the reforestation began, we have this vast forest and now the water supply is abundant” says Idez Pertuz, project worker and a member of local community.


    Additionally, critically endangered species such as jaguars, turtles, parrots and monkeys have returned. As part of this initiative, 152 jobs were created. Nicola Kimm, Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety, says “We proudly invest in projects that improve the wellbeing of local communities and their surroundings.”


    The opportunity for Earth Day to inspire

    With these projects, Signify contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by mitigating climate change, respecting life on land, and contributing to economic growth in underserved areas.


    “Reforesting in Colombia and protecting forests in Zimbabwe are initiatives we are proud of and we hope to inspire others to follow our lead” says Kimm.

    Video summary of Kariba REDD+ Project in Zimbabwe
    Video summary of planting native tree species in Colombia

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