Signify Sustainability Audio books

    To expand access for all to our educational content, we’ve created some short audiobooks from our online blogs, reports and publications. You’re now able to listen to these, anytime, and from anywhere.


    Each episode features content from the top minds in the world of lighting innovation. 

    Episodes are constantly being added, and once you’ve subscribed, you’ll be automatically notified of any new releases.


    The sustainability audiobook feed can be added to your podcast player of choice.  Simply add the URL of this feed or use the subscribe button in the overview below

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    • Make the Green Switch

      Make the Green Switch

      The time for climate action is now. Take advantage of EU funding to reduce energy bills and reach your green goals with Signify's sustainable technologies.

    • Climate Action Report: our climate change actions

      Climate Action Report: our climate change actions

      Our first-ever Climate Action Report, outlines our actions and sustainability program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain.

    • Sustainability


      At Signify, the world leader in lighting, we offer the products, systems, and services that can reduce global electricity use for lighting by over a third.