Daylight Delight

    Watch this webinar to learn how interpreting daylight is crucial in creating delightful buildings.
    Daylight Delight

    Presented by

    Naresh V. Narasimhan
    Managing Partner
    Venkataramanan Associates


    Naresh V. Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 33 years of experience in architecture and urban design. He is best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates, an award winning architecture firm based out of Bengaluru and Pune, which saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. In addition to his architectural practice, his contribution to urban development as an urbanist and creative entrepreneur has been far-reaching.


    As a co-found of BATF – Bangalore Agenda Task Force, co-founder of MOD Institute – an International collective urban designers, researchers and curators and chairman of Numa Bengaluru – a co-working space and business accelerator, Naresh has fueled a variety of progressive causes in the city. He also regularly advises government agencies on infrastructure development. He studied architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology, followed by further education at Harvard Institute of International Development. His interests range from politics, governance & communication strategies to cinema, art and popular culture. Naresh is also a prolific speaker who has been invited to lecture at several national and international events.


    Key topics and learnings


    ‘Daylight – Delight’, the webinar by Naresh Narasimhan will talk about how interpreting daylight is crucial in creating delightful buildings. From a scientific breakdown of natural lighting and its effects on the human being to calculating lighting requirements for specific activities, the talk will walk us through some projects done by the firm and show how this scientific data can be interpreted as architectonic language and used in the cultural production of space.


    Attend this webinar to:


    • Acknowledge and assess daylighting in buildings as an asset
    • Learn how to measure and evaluate the impact of daylighting to our daily lives
    • Experience and illustrate how lighting can affect and shape our cultures and lifestyle
    • That architecture and lighting are inseparable, and it is imperative to inculcate lighting while designing.

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