UV-C: A future beyond COVID-19

    How UV-C can play a role in improving the indoor air quality and inactivate airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.

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    Key topics and learnings


    In this webinar we will learn from Maurice how UV-C can play a role in improving the indoor air quality and inactivate airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.


    Learning objectives:


    • The learnings of the past year
    • Reducing probabilities of airborne infection
    • Real life examples and models of indoor gatherings
    • Enabling disinfection by improving the air quality - eqACH
    • Disinfection with the power of UV-C light
    • Safety standards and certification programs for UV-C
    • International endorsement
    • Takeaways

    Presented by

    Maurice Maes

    Maurice Maes




    Maurice Maes is Head of Standards & Regulations at Signify since 2015, leading the standardization and regulatory activities for Signify worldwide. After graduating in Mathematics from the Nijmegen University, he joined Philips Research in 1987. He obtained his PhD from the Amsterdam University through a thesis on Mathematical Methods for Reflector Design in 1997.


    Maurice has over 20 years’ experience in standardization and regulatory matters, having served on boards of various industry alliances and associations. He currently serves as President of the Global Lighting Association and as Vice-President of LightingEurope.


    Since the start of the pandemic, Maurice and his team have been actively driving standards to enable the practical use of UV-C, teaming up with experts in the field and educating stakeholders and governmental departments around the globe on the unique benefits of UV-C in battling COVID-19.

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