Lighting up our heritage workshop 2018

    Lighting up our heritage - workshop 2018

    Light workshop


    Dates: 2-5 May 2018

    Location: Malta, Mdina



    See the outcome of an educational event on architectural lighting being organised on the island of Malta by: Franck Franjou (Internationally renowned lighting designer), Lighting University, University of Malta, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and supported by Philips value added Partner Brighter Solutions.


    Thanks to the Mdina Metropolitan Chapter we have been able to work in the most astounding location possible for this workshop, the St. Pauls Cathedral of the city of Mdina, a beautiful location for indoor lecturing and De Redin Bastion for all outdoor exercises.


    Students and young professionals from different fields (architecture, engineering, and design) have been invited for this exceptional workshop.

    A great team of professional people worked together with the students in order to provide not only the theory of architectural lighting design techniques, but also all the instruments and facilities to create their own work.


    Mr. Franck Franjou guided the students in lighting design techniques & methodology, whilst our technical expert on Color Kinetics guided them on the latest lighting technologies and controls.


    You may check the Video and some great pictures of the workshop on Twitter and Linkedin


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