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Contribution to SDG's

Light Beyond Illumination
for underserved communities

For the international community, there is broad agreement that access to modern energy services is a necessary pre-requisite for alleviating poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Without energy, it is challenging, if not impossible, to promote economic growth, overcome poverty, expand employment, and support human development. Sustainable energy is the seventh goal of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a call to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Furthermore, energy can contribute to achieving the other 16 SDGs. A review of all SDG targets indicates that energy is interconnected with 125 (74 percent) out of the 169 targets, making it crucial for all societies to recognize the key interlinkages of energy and the wider development agenda.
Light Beyond Illumination
Studies of power outages indicate that lack of energy does lead to a loss of output at a firm level—for example, in 2013, the World Bank Enterprise Surveys showed that power outages in Tanzania cost businesses about 15 percent of annual sales—and greater availability of energy has been shown to lead to more income, jobs, and educational benefits at the individual household level. In addition, lack of access to modern energy (especially grid electricity) acts as a constraint on economic growth, while access to modern energy services can stimulate growth and employment opportunities.

(Source: State of electricity access report 2017)

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