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    Next gen internet access for coffee house & lobby guests

    The next gen internet cafes


    Coffee houses and social hospitality areas are increasingly becoming the next gen internet cafes. These businesses want to meet this customer need while managing cover turnover and revenue per customer. Consequently, they must:

    • Avoid seat hogging / low order values
    • Optimize revenue both in terms of order value, and capitalize on a new connectivity revenue stream.


    Current propositions often struggle to deliver enough value to drive additional customer spend. They fall short of desired revenue targets, or are simply overloaded. They are dealing with the fact that a free internet connection opens the door to low order value, table and bandwidth hoggers. On the other hand, a connection with limited time or bandwidth can lead to frustrated customers and loss of business. Charging for the connectivity can be a solution, but it requires best in class service, which can still be disrupted by heavy users.

    Trulifi: tangible, reliable & fast connection


    Trulifi is the solution for a stable, fast and high perceived value connectivity that rises to the challenge of tangibility, reliability and speed. A branded access key raises customer value perception and willingness to pay for a good internet connection. With Trulifi, your guests are guaranteed a reliable and fast connection at all times.

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    • Premium, branded, secure connectivity for business guests

      Premium, branded, secure connectivity for business guests

      Trulifi is the solution for premium, tangible and branded cutting-edge connectivity for your business and loyalty programme guests. Ensure a fast connection.

    • Trulifi zones in your hotels

      Trulifi zones in your hotels

      Trulifi allows guests to enjoy a high-speed, secure connection of up to 200 Mbps that is safely separate from connections in adjoining rooms.

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