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    Leonis Arm Mount LED (LEN-LED)

    Leonis - providing modern style and excellent performance

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    Leonis Arm Mount LED (LEN-LED)
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        Created with beauty, sustainability and durability in mind Leonis will contribute to the beautification of its surroundings. Leonis is not only a technological marvel, it is a work of art that will stand and withstand the test of time. Thanks to a forward thinking design team, the polyvalent Leonis can be fitted with either LED or HID lighting technologies. And if you opt for the latter, a LifeLED module can be retrofitted into your existing Leonis and easily replace your HID optics when you are ready to take advantage of our award-winning LED engine. The sturdy and high-quality materials chosen when manufacturing Leonis make it a durable and dependable luminaire. Because it is made in aluminum, the luminaire is 94% recyclable when it reaches the end of its life.


        Reduced energy and maintenance costs
        Reduced light pollution
        Operational life of more than 70,000 hours
        Highly optimized light distribution performance
        Increased design life


        Modular design
        Built with high-quality materials
        Designed using pure lines and dynamic shapes
        Advanced aluminum heat sink


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Road and Street
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