TownView LED post top (TVLN, TVLC)

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    TownView LED post top  (TVLN, TVLC)
    International Dark Sky Approved (IDA)
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        • Specifications TownView TVLC/TVLN Post top and arm mount - Spec Sheet PDF 1.5 MB
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        Philips Hadco TownView LED post top is an affordable, high-quality lighting solution designed to make the transition from HID to LED as seamless as possible. It’s highly adaptable, featuring a variety of style, performance, and mounting options that will fit perfectly with the style of your town or neighborhood. We also offer glare control thanks to a variety of panels and lens choices that ensure visual comfort. Ready to make the switch?


        Easily adaptable to your needs with features that enhance visual comfort and increase citizen and driver satisfaction
        Aesthetics is never an afterthought with the variety of style options available
        Lower maintenance costs and improve efficiency with advanced technology, artfully incorporated into the classic design
        Enjoy an affordable, high-quality product with future-proof capabilities at the forefront of its design


        Comfort panel and internal comfort lens options for reduction of glare and pixelization
        Tool-less features and hands-free acess for easy installation and maitenance
        Broad range of lumen output and wattage options
        Future proof solutions include a standard 0-10V driver and 7 pin receptacle, sensor ready driver and receptacle options
        Ships standard with serivce tag for easy access to product information, installation and maitnenance services


        Parks and Plazas
        Road and Street
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