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    RoadFocus LED off road Cobra Head - Medium (RFM)

    RoadFocus - enhance your roadways

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    RoadFocus LED off road Cobra Head - Medium (RFM)
    ADEX Silver
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        • Specifications RoadFocus LED off road Cobra Head - Medium (RFM)-Spec Sheet pdf 2.9 MB
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        Not all roadway applications are created equal. The Lumec RoadFocus LED off road cobra head luminaires offer a versatile solution for applications that are outside the range of traditional roadway lighting. Combined with specialized optics to be used in a tilt application, the knuckle adapter can tackle even the most difficult installation. From traditional streets to off road applications, The RoadFocus product family will help you simplify your luminaire selection. Lumec3D: Online 3D Configurator


        Design flexibility for off road applications
        Specially designed off road optics maximize the light to the roadway
        Provides uniform, high performance illumination
        Simplifies your luminaire selection with a complete family of product
        Includes Service Tag, Philips innovative way to provide assistance throughout the life of the product.


        Versatile knuckle adapter that can be mounted vertically or horizontally
        Variable tilt between -5° and +45° (5° steps)
        Angle indicator shows precise angle by gravity needle.
        Rachet-style adjustment allows verification of aiming prior to tightening and final setup
        Range of control solutions available


        Road And Street
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