Pole Options - Sign Adaptor (SA1)

    Sign Adaptor (SA1) - increasing pole functionality

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    Pole Options - Sign Adaptor (SA1)
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        • Specifications SA1_Pole Options - Sign Adaptor (SA1) - Spec Sheet PDF 624.1 kB
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        Lumec’s mechanically assembled Sign Adaptors SA1 are designed to fit 4” round (102 mm) or 5 9/16” (141 mm) poles, using cast-aluminum quarter-circle pieces that are mechanically assembled on site.Aluminum signs 1/4”(6 mm), supplied by others, are mechanically assembled between the cast-aluminum quarter-circles.


        Decorative, yet durable


        Designed to fit 4" or 5 9/16" round poles


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Road and Street
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