Achieve balance with LBX LED luminaires


The LBX LED linear suspended luminaires with optional LightBalance Optics provide the versatility required for a wide range of applications. But for retailers, it allows them to both stand out and still save money.

In a highly competitive environment, retailers look to strike a balance between encouraging customer spending, and protecting profit margins. Not only does LED lighting technology save on energy and maintenance costs, but new lighting technologies like those featured with the LBX can be leveraged to create an environment that engages consumers and stimulates sales.

Promote merchandise with lighting uniformity


LBX luminaires have enhanced vertical illumination uniformity, which puts light exactly where it’s needed, and at the right light levels, without increasing energy consumption. By doing so, merchandise is properly promoted for all brands, and ambient comfort is improved for shoppers. LBX luminaires evenly light shelves from top to bottom.

Compete in an omnichannel environment


The LBX can be integrated with Visible Light Communication (VLC), an indoor positioning system that can provide many benefits. Retailers can enrich their business with in-store analytics through a dashboard to provide information on traffic patterns and energy usage for example, and also allows retailers to push location-based promotions and provide wayfinding to their customers via an app.



Learn more about Indoor Positioning with VLC

Enrich business results:


  • Collect and analize non-personal shopper traffic pattern data
  • Test and evaluate marketing campaigns and store layout
  • Support sales associated location-based services
  • Receive restocking instructions
  • Provide location-based customer service
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Longer shopping duration
  • Heightened enjoyment
  • Increased purchase
  • Strengthened brand reach

Day-Brite CFI LBX LED linear suspended


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Protect profit margins


A key advantage to LBX is its advanced dimmable LED technology that helps to significantly lower energy costs compared to traditional lighting technologies, without compromising light quality. The LBX delivers up to 150 lumens per watt, which is 50% better than leading fluorescent technology.


Long lasting LED technology also helps to reduce maintenance time and costs resulting from relamping and repairs. All this adds up to short payback periods. Here are some ways the LBX luminaire can provide additional savings:

LED Boards

Daylight Harvesting


Harvest the power of daylight with sensors that adjust lighting accordingly


Lighting level preservation


Avoid over-lighting a space by setting the correct light level during installation.




Schedule lighting to match the daily routine in the store


Prescence Control


Detect prescence in staff-only areas to light only where and when it’s needed

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