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    The recipe for quality, efficiency and innovation

    In this increasingly digital world, retailers must seek new ways to engage with their customers and improve the in-store experience. Giving your customers an experience to remember is key, as is your bottom line. Signify LED lighting solutions keep aisles bright and food looking fresh, while reducing energy costs, improving operational efficiency, and personalizing the shopping experience. From retrofit products to connected solutions, Signify can help you determine the best solution for your grocery application.


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    Capture Energy Savings


    • Lighting upgrades provide a significant opportunity to drastically reduce energy costs and cut ongoing operation and maintenance expenses.
    • LED lighting can reduce energy usage and utility spend by up to 80% when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, extending the life of your equipment.
    • Fast-track project payback with DLC-certified products and take advantage of utility incentives.
    • Leverage IoT technology to optimize energy usage and maximize savings.
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    Enhanced Experience

    • With more than 125 years of lighting experience, Signify designs quality products for every need.


    • Help ensure a positive shopping experience with quality lighting and eye comfort. Use controls to create zones, varying lighting to highlight different displays around the store.


    • Keep aisles bright and food looking fresh with uniform LED lighting from aesthetically pleasing fixtures.


    • Quality optics eliminate dark spots, enhancing the color of food and providing a visually appealing experience for shoppers.
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    Fit for the Future


    • Invest in innovative technology to future-proof your store with safe, sustainable and connected solutions


    • Provide peace of mind using UV-C luminaires, offering an extra layer of disinfection against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.


    • Stay on trend while meeting sustainability goals and reducing your carbon footprint with 3D printed, customizable luminaires.


    • Collect data on how your customers shop with Interact IoT solutions so you can optimize your store layout and provide personalized promotions to shoppers.

    Lighting Services

    Professional Services

    Customized lighting solutions
    Professional Services
    Our lighting experts are here to help. Whether you’re updating your lighting, or looking to do a complete overhaul, we can help transform your lighting design to work for both you and your business.

    Lifecycle Services

    Extend the life of your lighting
    Lifecycle Services

    Lighting is an extremely important component of your business as it impacts costs and performance.


    We offer customized maintenance plans to keep your lighting system working at its best over time.

    Managed Services

    Let us take care of your lighting
    Managed Services

    Looking for a turnkey solution? We can develop and manage a customized lighting solution to suit business needs.


    Managed services can include design/builds, to operations and maintenance, to Light as a Service, as methods to  optimize cash flow.

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