Calculite introduces a new 3 inch portfolio

    Lightolier by Signify  - Calculite downlights, wall washers and adjustable accents

    More choices than ever for no-limits lighting design


    Introducing the Calculite expansion you've been asking for - 3 inch downlights, wall washers & adjustable accents. You love to light, layer and illuminate spaces that make a statement.You've been asking us for more options, a smaller aperture, one-frame...

    Well, we listened.


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    Create memorable spaces, layer with light


    Greater options mean greater inspiration for your designs.

    10 dazzling new finishes…

    Calculite finishes round or square shapes.

    Easy to specify

    Calculite Angle install

    The Lightolier UniFrame, single frame solution, is adaptable and was designed to respond to ever-changing project needs. Three of the Lightolier downlight families use this frame, making your flexibility and choices almost endless including 120V, 277V and 347V inputs.

    Easy to control

    Philip Lightolier Calculite LED downlight generation 3 easy to specifiy

    From simple standalone dimming down to 1% to a full network solution, users have a wide array of options, with technologies and capabilities by Calculite LED generation 3. The choice today may not be the desired choice for the future therefore the modular design allows easy control system upgradability.


    Controls solutions from basic to advance connected networks:


    • 0-10V delivers smooth dimming down to 1%
    • Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmable with no additional wiring
    • Dali for dimming and addressability systems
    • Tunable white (2700K to 6500K) impacts the appeal of the space by changing color temperatures
    • PoE and SpaceWise networking systems for low cost integration of energy efficiency and data management
    • Interact ready configurations available to order

    So many choices


    • 3”, 4”, 6”, & 7” apertures sizes
    • Round & square shapes
    • Narrow, medium & wide beam spreads
    • Multiple wall wash options
    • New construction, IC/Airseal & remodeler models
    • Over Six reflector finishes (including four new textured paint finish options for 3” luminaires)
    • Four flange options including Vandal proof accessory
    • Six optional Vetro decorative elements
    • Standard depth and new 1” regress reflector type (for 3” downlight offering)


    Installation efficiency


    Calculite LED downlight’s unique three-part system of frame-driver/light engine-reflector (multiple patents pending) saves time and hassle from start to finish.

    Calculite office space
    Calculite office space

    Visual appeal


    Calculite LED downlights provide beautiful subtlety along with robust performance. Its soft beam transitions provide flawless consistency in a space, while offering different beam options to create layers of light for inviting atmospheres and dramatic effects.

    Calculite retail loby

    User comfort


    The Calculite family of luminaires offers comfortable, soothing light, achieving uncompromising illumination with a true 50° physical and 45° reflected cutoff. This patent-pending optical design eliminates the distracting imperfections found in lesser quality downlights, such as hotspots and dark rings.