Philips Lighting leads industry transformation to connected lighting systems and services


    New connected lighting innovations unveiled at LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show and Conference maximize energy savings while enabling the benefits of the Internet of Things

    May 9, 2017

    SOMERSET, N.J. – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, announced a series of new innovations in the industry shift to connected lighting systems and services at the LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show and Conference taking place May 9 through 11, 2017 in Philadelphia. Philips Lighting’s latest lighting systems harness the promise and potential of digital light and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform existing lighting infrastructures, delivering new value for cities, offices, hotels and retail environments. 


    Highlights include the launch of Philips RoomFlex, a customizable room control system for the hospitality sector to differentiate guest experience. Another is Philips SiteWise, an area lighting management system which helps property managers, building owners and other site managers to increase energy savings and improve the sense of security in outdoor spaces, such as parking lots and pedestrian walkways. 


    Increasingly, lighting systems are becoming information pathways with the capacity to collect, share and analyze data and provide insights that can increase operational efficiency, enhance productivity, save energy costs, and deliver value in new ways such as improve space utilization of an office space, retail store, or city block.


    “There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the lighting industry. The shift to systems and services is opening the door to new growth opportunities where lighting is truly providing a value that goes beyond illumination” says Roger Karner, head of Market Group US, Philips Lighting. “By converting the ubiquity of our customers’ light points into data points, we can effectively extract new insights into how people interact with their environment and each other.”


    Philips Lighting will be demonstrating the following new systems at the LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show and Conference, in booth #2001, where visitors can see at first hand the expanding capabilities and applications of:


    Philips RoomFlex, a control system for customizing guest rooms by integrating lighting seamlessly with third party systems such as HVAC, blinds, and room booking software. Philips RoomFlex is designed to help the hospitality industry enhance the hotel experience for guests while improving operational efficiency and profitability. From a single room control, hotel guests can select their preferred lighting scene and specify temperature based on their preferences, as well as support enhanced wellness through new experiences, for example, where guests wake up with light. The Philips RoomFlex hotel dashboard provides the hotelier with a real-time view of their guest rooms which can improve responsiveness to service requests such as “make up my room” or “pick up my laundry,” and optimize staff efficiency.


    Philips SiteWise features a user-friendly control interface enabling authorized users to create pre-set dimming schedules for specific site needs or automatically change light levels according to the time of day, occupancy, or special events. Compatible with Philips Lighting’s connected retail lighting system, Philips StoreWise, users can integrate both systems allowing them to manage their lighting from the moment a customer enters the parking lot to when they check out of the store.


    Philips Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected office lighting system (generation 2) uses Ethernet cables to power high-quality, LED lighting and connect it to a building’s IT network. Sensors integrated in the LED luminaires ensure that lights are switched off or dimmed automatically when people leave a room, helping reduce energy used for lighting by up to 70 percent. Anonymous information acquired by the sensors is stored, shared and distributed by the system to provide building managers with data-driven insights. Information such as room occupancy or temperature can be used to adjust the levels of lighting, heating and air conditioning and for optimizing use of office space as well and building efficiency (e.g. scheduling cleaning or maintenance services). Also, office workers can personalize their office space using their smartphones to create a more comfortable and productive environment. The new PoE system uses Cisco’s highly secure IT network technology.


    Philips InterAct Office is a new wireless connected lighting system for offices and commercial buildings. The system enables building managers to reduce energy used for lighting by up to 70 percent, optimize operations and create a more comfortable environment without major office renovation. With lamps and luminaires equipped with sensors, the system, is installed and operated by Philips Lighting as a managed service, dispensing with the need for customers to make upfront capital investments. Philips InterAct Office was just recognized by EdisonReport as a Top Ten Must See product at LIGHTFAIR International.

    Visitors to the Philips Lighting booth at LIGHTFAIR International will have the opportunity to see the latest innovations in Philips Lighting’s portfolio of LED luminaires and lamps. These latest advancements in LED technology combine the accumulative improvements in energy efficiency with enhanced quality and capabilities of connected LED lighting.

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