Luxury Prague tailors, Popper implements unique Philips Lighting technology for perfect color rendering in fitting booths

    May 5, 2017

    Prague, Czech Republic – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, has designed and delivered a sophisticated fitting room lighting system for Popper, a luxury tailors for ladies in Prague. The Popper salon, which opened recently in the city center, lets customers try on clothes under different lighting conditions. A simple flick of a switch in the fitting room installed with Philips PerfectScene lighting enables them to select accurate reproduction of bright daylight, an intimate evening ambience or a pleasant household light. Research reveals1 that the right choice of light has a positive impact on customers’ purchasing behavior and that the primary reason for returning clothes was due to them looking different when customers got home.


    Research2 reveals that up to 60 percent of all purchase decisions are made right in the fitting room. How a customer feels and perceives the clothes they are trying on in the room is crucial. They need to see properly how a product looks like on them and be confident enough to make the right purchasing decision. The lighting has a fundamental impact upon this - for example by avoiding the creation of unnatural shadows. 


     “The lighting we implemented in the couture salon is able to deliver diverse scenes within a relatively small space,” said Martin Vítek, retail lighting specialist at Philips Lighting. “To help achieve this we used the unique Philips PerfectScene and Philips LED CrispWhite technology which highlights colors, something that is absolutely fundamental in creating a fashion outfit. The color of materials and the work must above all be seen,” stressed Vítek.


    “When it comes to lighting, fitting rooms are invariably the most overlooked place within a store. As luxury tailors we cannot afford to overlook anything. The right light is key both in presenting materials and ready-to-wear outfits. It’s vital for our work too. As such, we entrusted this to the experts at Philips Lighting,” explained Eva Matějková, proprietor of the Popper ladies couture salon. “The creation of a pleasant environment in the fitting rooms encourages customers try out more outfits and influences them in a purchase.”


    High quality lighting is vital in the rest of the salon. The center of the workspace in the salon is the cutting table, which has to be perfectly and brightly lit without shadow because cutting literally requires millimetre precision. In this area Philips LED Crisp White technology has been installed. Similarly, each of the sewing tables must be well lit. At the same time, the light must be comfortable to the eye as dressmakers spend hours at the sewing tables working on each outfit.

    Quality lighting is also important in choosing the right material and accessories such as buttons. Color selection plays a decisive role, so it is essential that the lighting secures accurate color rendering.


    Prague’s Popper salon is absolutely unique in its lighting system and its design and quality is appreciated by customers and employees alike.

    1 Philips RetailScene Magazine by Philips Lighting

    2 Research done by Shoppercentric for Philips Lighting in 2014

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