Bespoke "Light Signatures" allow fashion retailers to match in-store light to brand identity

    February 10, 2014

    • Philips can create a bespoke shade of white light (light signature) that matches each retailer’s brand identity and positioning
    • The color tone of light (warmer, cooler) can create an atmosphere that reinforces a brand’s identity whilst providing the best light for merchandise


    Dusseldorf, Germany – At Euroshop (February 16-20, 2014), Philips, the global leader in lighting, presents a new LED lighting solution that offers brands bespoke light signatures to help project their brand image and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.


    Philips’ Customized Light offers brands complete freedom to choose throughout the whole light spectrum and determine the exact light signature – or color tone – of light that best represents their identity. Brands want different things from their interior lighting in order to convey different messages to their customers, whether intimacy, value for money or luxury. The light signature will still offer the perfect light for merchandise meaning whites are intense and bright whilst colors are vivid and rich.


    “Research carried out by Philips has looked at how different temperatures and tone of color make us feel. Warm light translates to a feeling of openness and invokes feelings of coziness; hence candlelight (which is a warm light) is linked to romance. In a retail setting, we see warm light lending itself to luxury shopping where the customer will spend time relaxing and browsing. Cool light makes us feel efficient and active which is why it can be found in light signatures for value, convenience and sports stores where customers want to feel alert”, said Frank van Son of Philips Lighting. “Our new customized retail lighting solution helps brands differentiate by creating an atmosphere that reflects their individuality.”
    Brand identity is crucial: at a time of increased competition and the rise of online shopping, customers need to identify instantly with their favorite stores. A luxury fashion house, a budget clothing shop, or an intimate lingerie store all will choose to create different atmospheres in order to attract and engage shoppers who are then more inclined to spend time in their store and ultimately their money.


    With a customized light signature, stores can light all their products in the most favorable conditions. Customers see all the clothes in their true colors but in a brand environment that they instantly recognize. Although these light signatures create very different atmospheres, they all provide the best lighting for the merchandise allowing both intense whites and deep, rich colors to shine through.


    Philips has researched light signature preferences amongst different types of fashion retailers, as illustrated below;

    • A lingerie store with rich fabrics, silks and lace will want to create a sensual and intimate - even sexy - atmosphere. The décor will be luxurious and the lighting needs to compliment and accentuate this. The light signature would be warm with a pinkish and perhaps reddish tone to create a sensual ambiance for customers.
    • At the opposite end, a budget store might want to create a basic, minimalist and clean feel, projecting value and simplicity using a cool white light. This is also a popular light signature for a business clothing shop or a sports retailer to create a sharp, active environment
    • A premium fashion house or an urban denim store might want to convey an aspirational, cool and atmospheric brand image. The light signature would use a warm white.
    Infographic Light Signature

    Infographic Light Signature

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