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    Ensuring a safe and smooth transition back to the office – 7 ways Interact Office can help


    As governments and business around the world strive to get people back into the office after the global shutdown, what can they do to ensure the safety of employees while observing social distancing measures?


    In this new webinar, we share 7 practical examples of how Interact Office software applications can help. For example, use data from connected lighting systems to drive critical decision-making around space use and optimization. Help guide employees to open workspaces to avoid overcrowding. Minimize contact with a personal control app. Interact technology has what it takes to ease the transition and keep everyone safe. 


    During this unprecedented time, we aim to support the health and safety of everyone returning to the workplace. We hope you’ll join us on 9 June to learn more about what Interact Office can do for your workplace.

    9 June 2020, 15.00 CET
    Webex webinar
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