Light+Building 2020

    Signify to not participate in Light + Building 2020 September edition

    Due to the increased spread of the coronavirus in Europe, Messe Frankfurt has taken the decision to postpone Light + Building. The event will now take place from September 27 to October 2, 2020.

    After careful consideration we have decided not to participate in Light + Building 2020 in September.

    There were many factors informing our decision not to participate. These of course include the on-going situation with the coronavirus pandemic, and also the fact that we want to communicate about our innovations to our customers and partners in a more timely manner.

    Therefore, we are now looking at various options on how to optimally engage with them over the coming months. Stay tuned for more information.

    September 27 – October 2, 2020
    Messe Frankfurt, Germany
    Hall Forum
    Our global brands


    The Interact portfolio of tailor-made software applications unites connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your intelligent building, smart city, and other Internet of Things solutions.

    Interact lets you get more value from something you already own—your lighting. First, by helping you transition to energy-efficient LED luminaires. Next, by connecting your lighting systems using standard networking and communications technologies. With better lighting management, diagnostics, and maintenance, connected lighting systems help you lower costs and operate more efficiently.


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    Whether it's for your home, office, city, retail store – or something else entirely – Philips Lighting has a huge catalog of tried-and-tested products just waiting to be explored. Optimize your building with smart connected lighting systems from Philips Lighting to save energy and improve operational efficiency while also enhancing employee productivity and well-being. Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, stimulate economic development, and enhance the life of citizen. A world of possibilities awaits.


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    Color Kinetics

    Color Kinetics delivers high-performance professional architectural LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels — empowering lighting professionals around the world to achieve their unique visions. Its advanced lighting solutions help customers inspire memorable experiences, create beauty, attract crowds, build brands, and get results. A relentless focus on quality and innovation has kept Color Kinetics at the forefront of the lighting industry for more than two decades.


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    Philips OEM


    To Philips OEM, connectivity isn't just about technology. It's about connecting you, the user, your devices and products in a way that provides what you need, when you need it and never at the sacrifice of quality. Philips OEM prides itself on the level of quality that goes into everything it does, guaranteeing customers a standard that can always be relied upon.


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