EuroShop 2020

    Where emotion meets evolution


    We’re excited to invite you to visit us at EuroShop 2020. As the world leader in lighting, we want to show you how we are leading retail lighting into the future.


    Fast-evolving technology drives new shopper needs and behavior. This means retailers and brands are on a continuous journey to anticipate and adapt. We understand, like no one else, how lighting creates an emotional response in your shoppers. As thought-leaders in retail lighting, we team up with other leaders in retail. This makes us your best supplier today and partner for the future. Emotion drives your shoppers, and evolution drives the future of your store.


    Feel it, see it, at EuroShop in Hall 9, booth B40!


    Register below to visit our Signify booth and let our experts take you on a guided tour of our latest innovations, or book a meeting with our team to discuss your needs. 

    At our Signify booth, you can discover:


    • How different new LED flavors and lens optics can optimize collections and store look and feel
    • How to create engaging store concepts with contrast, dynamic lighting and eye-catching luminous panels
    • How our effective tools and insights can enrich the shopper journey and increase staff efficiency
    • How retail analytics can improve store layout, operations and increase marketing effectiveness
    • How to manage energy usage and lighting experiences
    • How fast, sustainable and cost-effective store refurbishments are enabled by 3D printing
    • Our lighting solutions for your conscious shoppers, plus the benefits for your own sustainability targets


    And more to be revealed at the fair. Stay tuned! 

    February 16 - 20, 2020

    Opening hours:

    Daily 10 AM - 6 PM 

    Messe Düsseldorf

    Am Staad, 40474 Düsseldorf


    Hall 9, booth B40

    Our global brands at EuroShop

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    Join us to discover how we are moving beyond illumination.

    Interact Retail


    Interact Retail lights up your store with new experiences, while delivering new operational efficiencies and generating valuable customer data.


    What if you could use your store’s lighting to support enhanced experiences, realize new operational efficiencies, and generate data for in-depth analytics? Interact Retail can create stunning and flexible retail spaces, trigger specific shopper behaviors through zoning and light layering, and deliver location-based offers to shoppers via customized smartphone apps.


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    Interact Retail for fashion


    Interact Retail Scene management for fashion helps influence shoppers’ emotions and behavior to improve engagement with your brand. Software enables dynamic lighting effects and different scenes to create the right mood. An easy to use app allows you to change settings quickly and easily in line with the season, collection or even time of day. High quality fashion LED allows for strong accent lighting, contrasts and emphasis of certain areas or displays.


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    Store refresh


    With Philips Circular lighting, you can quickly give your store a refresh, while easily creating new and exciting store experiences thanks to our circular economy-ready luminaires. Flexible and sustainable, they ensure your store stays up to date, remains attractive and also help to reduce costs.

    Learn more

    Fresh food lighting


    Finding a balance between offering a wide variety of fresh foods, minimizing waste and creating an inspiring shopping experience is no easy task. 


    We understand that the right lighting can make a big impact on the success of your fresh food department. Philips fresh food accent lighting offers the perfect recipe for delicious presentation while extending the shelf life of your fresh produce. 


    Learn more

    City farming

    Innovative farming technologies mean that plants can now be grown in indoor environments - without sunlight. City farming or vertical farming is ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating full head crops and growing healthier, pesticide-free crops. 


    Discover how Signify can offer vertical farmers the best advice, along with the most reliable techniques on successful growing with LED.


    Learn more

    Fashion Quality of Light


    We know that emotions play a key role in a shopper’s decision making journey, and that the right emotion is triggered by the right experience. Differentiate your brand experience and increase stopping power with Philips Quality of Light solution. 


    Learn more

    LED flavors


    Transform your store with Philips LED flavors. Discover signature lighting that brings out the best in every product and application area; whites become brighter, blacks become sharper, color is more vibrant and denim is more distinctive. With LED flavors, you can create an immersive retail experience that customers won’t want to leave.


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    Tailored lighting creations


    Our tailored lighting creations are the definition of fast, flexible and sustainable. Ideal for creating a unique store experience which can be easily adapted to new trends without wasting materials, you can tailor every 3D-luminaire via a configurator with the material and texture you want.


    Learn more