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    For Signify, sustainability starts at home


    Companies committed to sustainability should be evaluated on what they do, not on what they say about themselves. We’re proud of the strong decarbonization efforts that we have been putting in place since 2010, and we’re proud of the recognition we’ve received via our multiple sustainability awards and certifications. Because of our ongoing sustainability activities, both internal and external, Signify is well positioned to help cities, businesses, and individuals make progress toward their own sustainability goals, for the good of the people and the planet.


    At Signify, we understand the power of engaging employees in our journey toward a more sustainable future. As part of our Sustainability Employee Engagement Program, we launched the 2023 Sustainability Photography Contest for our Signify colleagues around the world. This initiative invited employees to display their creativity and talent by capturing images that highlight how our innovations contribute to the company's sustainability goals. 

    Why employee engagement matters  

    Engaging employees in our sustainability efforts serves several crucial purposes. First, it fosters a sense of ownership and pride in our mission, motivating team members to actively contribute to a sustainable future. Second, it encourages open communication and collaboration, sparking innovative ideas that can further enhance our sustainability initiatives. Lastly, employee engagement helps create a network of sustainability ambassadors who can inspire others to join our journey both within and outside the organization.


    We recognize the importance of a workforce that is not only engaged but also passionate about sustainability. Previous employee engagement campaigns, such as Green IT and Safety Week, serve as prime examples of how we foster a culture of environmental responsibility and safe practices within our organization. By involving employees in initiatives that align with our commitment to sustainability, we not only empower them to meaningfully impact our planet, but also demonstrate the vital role each individual plays in driving Signify's ambitions forward.

    By involving employees in initiatives that align with our commitment to sustainability, we not only empower them to meaningfully impact our planet, but also demonstrate the vital role each individual plays in driving Signify's ambitions forward. "


    Maurice Loosschilder

    Head of Sustainability

    Safety Week 

    As the health and safety of our employees are a top priority, we celebrate Safety Week every year. This initiative emphasizes the importance of making safe and healthy behaviors a part of everyday actions. Last year, employees were encouraged to pay extra attention to the 10 Golden Safety Rules and to nominate their colleagues as 2022 Heroes of Safety. By the end of the week, we received numerous nominations and identified our Heroes of Safety, further emphasizing the importance of workplace safety. This year, Safety Week 2023 kickstarted on the 28th of April, as we celebrate the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

    Green IT challenge

    The Green IT campaign demonstrated Signify's commitment to environmentally responsible practices. We recognize that the way we use IT equipment impacts our carbon footprint. To address this, we invited all employees to participate in a three-step e-learning program that educated them on sustainable IT practices. By engaging our workforce in this manner, we not only raised awareness about environmental responsibility but also empowered employees to make a positive impact on our planet through their daily actions.  

    Signify is driving sustainability with employee engagement

    The Sustainability Photography Contest

    Inspired by our Brighter Lives Better World 2025 and Green Switch programs, the Sustainability Photography Contest is one of our latest initiatives, aimed at engaging employees in a unique and meaningful way. For two months, we encouraged Signify team members across the globe to think creatively about our sustainable innovations and commitments and to share their perspectives through their personal lenses. The response was overwhelming, with participants from various departments and regions sharing their unique perspectives on sustainability.


    The winning photographs not only highlighted artistic talent, but also conveyed powerful messages about the impact light has on our lives. The winning photographs have been featured on our website, social media platforms, and internal communications, amplifying their impact and inspiring further conversations around sustainability. A special prize was awarded to the winner.

    The Sustainability Photography Contest has been a resounding success in engaging our employees in Signify's sustainability journey. As we continue to work towards our environmental commitments and goals, we remain committed to fostering a culture of sustainability that empowers our team members to make a difference. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. 


    To discover more on Sustainability at Signify, check out our webpage here.

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    Maurice Loosschilder

    Maurice Loosschilder

    Head of Sustainability




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