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    December 22, 2021

    Selena Philips Quote

    Why did you choose an internship with Signify?


    I chose an internship at Signify for the expected learning outcomes I would have with a role related to my passions. Among those was establishing further knowledge in a hands-on marketing experience to choose a direction in my career. Moreover, gaining personal connections with my coworkers to grow my network.  The opportunity to extend my 8th-month internship was a no-brainer for me because it is not only the culture at Signify, a great workplace, but also the team itself. As well, gaining exposure to multiple roles outside my comfort zone.

    Working here has been a significant step to giving me further exposure, bringing me a good grounding on launching my career."

    I took part in implementing a B2C E-commerce platform from beginning to end, and the opportunity to watch all the work my team and I come to life on the site was an opportunity I could not miss.

    Which projects have you contributed to, and has the experience influenced what you'd like your career journey to include?

    At Signify, I was lucky enough to have exposure to all types of marketing roles. For most of my internship, a major project I contributed to was implementing the B2C e-commerce platform, where consumers can now purchase Philips Hue lights directly from the site ( This included product portfolio maintenance through phase-in and phase-out transitions. I coordinated new product launches through product set-up, position, and promotional campaigns with the adaptability of SAP technology.
    Selena Philips

    I appreciate the fact that my coworkers gained trust in my abilities as they allowed me to take charge of different marketing accounts such as Walmart and Amazon. I implemented multiple Amazon campaigns using Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Product, Display Ads, and Keyword Strategy by analyzing industry trends. I set out year-end promotional plans.

    At the same time, I monitored ROAS, Sales, and overall Spending across all categories and helped maintain the budget with the team. Additionally, I took charge and introduced Philips Lighting to Walmart through a new platform that includes feature sets, 360 view, and additional marketing features while monitoring price integrity across our customers.


    Overall, through all of these roles, I am confident that Marketing is the career path I would like to move forward in, as I was fortunate enough to be given exposure across all types of marketing. Signify gives you autonomy in work and strives for their employees' empowerment and success.


    Which Signify value do you identify with the most - Greater Together, Customer First, Passion for Results, Game Changer - and why?

    Signify provides an empowering workplace where people like myself are inspired and motivated to put in their work and take lighting beyond illumination.

    Personally, I resonate with Signify's value "Greater Together" the most.  Collaborating as teams and building off each other's strengths was a considerable part of the different projects I was involved in.

    Valuing the diversity in the workplace, whether it is physically or by the diverse talents, creates an opportunity for further success."

    Most of the time in my internship, I learned from my coworkers and worked together to achieve our shared goal. Having that team support throughout, I increased my creativity in various projects, especially Amazon and Walmart.


    I was inspired by people's talents and efforts within each project and eventually was encouraged to take on more roles and overcome obstacles I may face. It gave me a sense of positivity.


    I have learned that the connections you make in the workplace are essential to helping you become your best self because you learn how to deal with different personalities and create long-lasting relationships in your industry.

    How would you describe #SignifyLife?

    #SignifyLife is getting involved with the community, whether it is through our connection point group such as (L.I.T, SHE, PRIDE), or through virtual intern or team events. At Signify, many initiatives around learning and development exist, such as Enlightening Fridays my team and I had at the beginning of each month. Diversity Equity and Inclusion was a concept highlighted in one of those Fridays.

    Signify fosters an inclusive culture where people belong, impact, and take pride in the company we build. With this, I learned that being a great workplace requires us to consider all our behavior and biases and have the tools that Signify provides to make it better. Signify provides this and amplifies this idea that "Together, we shine better."
    Want to join our talented people? For more information on internships at Signify, visit our website.

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    Daniela Valda Flores

    Daniela Valda Flores

    Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing & HR Comms Intern



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