The next big thing in lighting
    – a Signify story


    May 12, 2020


    From LED to 3D printing, Coen Liedenbaum shares his experience of – and predictions for – disruptions to the lighting industry

    In the early 2000s the lighting market was 100% conventional light bulbs. Coen Liedenbaum, then a researcher at Philips Lighting, knew there was a better way. It just needed to be invented.

    Fast forward to today, and LED not only disrupted the industry, it became the new standard. In 2012 just 14% of Signify’s portfolio was LED, and 86% was conventional. Today LED is 78% of our portfolio, and conventional is just 12%. Coen Liedenbaum played a big role in kicking off that transformation.

    And now he says “I’m working on something that not many people believe is the next big thing, but I do. I believe it’s even more disruptive than LED lighting.

    I’m working on something that I believe is even more disruptive than LED lighting."

    After his work in introducing and turning LED lighting into an impactful standard within the lighting industry, Coen Liedenbaum, is leading another revolution.
    The next big thing in lighting

    3D printing, Coen’s next project

    Getting teams and managers on board is key.


    Coen is passionate about the promise of 3D printing luminaires. Signify’s 3D printing service, launched in November 2019 allows luminaires to be bespoke designed or tailored to customer’s exact needs and recycled at the end of their life, supporting a circular economy.

    The service saves on time, and energy as well as manufacturing, packaging and transportation waste. 3D printing paves the way for more innovative designs with more complex shapes and colors.
    Watch the video below to hear him discuss these lighting evolutions in his own words.
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