Sweet dreams are made of this – world’s first hotel room built around feeling energized after a good night’s rest


    October 19, 2018

    I’m passionate about the Hospitality sector: in my day job as well as being an intrepid traveler outside work, I have visited some of the best luxury hotels around the world. From my experience, if you want to help hotel guests sleep better, and wake up refreshed, you need to give them an abundance of light in the morning, less light in the evening, and the least possible light during the night. We know this from a scientific study our company conducted with the University of Basel*. We researched the use of a wake-up light to simulate sunrise by gradually increasing light levels before the person’s alarm went off. Interestingly, we found that exposure to simulated dawn light in the morning improved perceived well-being, mood, and cognitive performance - all of which are benefits that can last throughout the day.


    So it’s been exciting for Signify to partner with Swissôtel The Stamford in Singapore as the first hotel in the world to use specially-designed, human-centric lighting to promote a good night’s sleep in its new Vitality guest rooms launched today.


    In Swissotel The Stamford, its Vitality guest rooms are located on the outer corners of the high-rise hotel with stunning views across the city. Integral to the ethos of the Vitality rooms, is to help guests maintain their mental and physical health while traveling. At Signify we’ve been contributing to this in a big way with our Interact Hospitality hotel room management system which provides a selection of light scenes based on circadian lighting to enable guests to get a better night’s sleep.


     “The essence of our brand is for our guests to spend quality time while traveling. This means we ensure our guests keep their natural vitality while on the road and feel energized after a good night’s rest at any of our Swissôtels globally,” said Lilian Roten, Vice-President, Brand Management for Swissôtel. Wellness lighting is in all of our guest rooms at the Stamford where guests can use a ‘Relax’ scene and an automatic night-time, anti-stumble light setting. An Ipsos MORI** research study with our guests in conjunction with Signify discovered that the one touch ‘Relax’ scene is the most popular and used mostly in the evening before going to sleep.  It also found that the most innovative feature for guests was the ‘Wake up’ bio-adaptive light setting which is a special feature just in our Vitality rooms. This synchronizes with your natural body clock to help guests get a good night’s sleep and really brings our Vitality philosophy to life. What’s more it helps to differentiate our guest experience.”


    The ‘Relax’ scene gives a dimmed, warmer white light, preventing exposure to higher light levels just before going to bed. This stimulates hormones (especially melatonin), which helps us unwind and fall asleep more easily. The automatic anti-stumble, nightlight is triggered by a motion sensor and gives you just enough light to guide you to the bathroom to avoid waking you up fully. Then the ‘Wake up’ setting gives simulated dawn light in the morning to mimic the sunrise before guests wish to wake up. This helps to reduce sleep inertia and to improve well-being.


    Also, it has been exciting to extend the circadian lighting into the bathroom and exercise area of the new Vitality rooms. We’ve transformed the bathroom into a relaxing spa experience. Meanwhile the exercise area gives you a light boost with a natural outdoor feeling when doing cardiovascular exercises.


    The bio-adaptive lighting is not in the lights themselves but in the smart room management software controlling them. Interact Hospitality will be installed in in each of the Swissotel The Stamford’s 1,261 guest rooms by the time the hotel completes its renovation at the end of 2018. So there’ll be no excuse not to get a good night’s sleep!


    A scientific research study conducted by Philips Lighting (now Signify) with the University of Basel in 2013 and 2013*. The research study comprised the following: ‘Effects of artificial dawn and morning light on daytime cognitive performance, well-being, cortisol and melatonin levels’ by V Gabel published in 2013; ‘Effects of artificial dawn on subjective ratings of sleep inertia and dim light melatonin onset’ by C Gimenez in 2010.


    Ipsos MORI research study** was conducted in September 2018 for Signify with 17 qualitative interviews with guests at the Swissotel Stamford Singapore to test their preference for different light settings during their hotel stay.

    About the author:

    Jella Segers
    Hospitality and Malls Segment Manager at Signify

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