Smart Office Business Summit and Hackathon


    October 01, 2019


    Our first-ever hackathon aimed to make smart offices even smarter. . . and make some new friends while doing it!


    Last week, Eindhoven was abuzz with the energy of co-creation—even more so than usual.

    For three days, our HQ on the Eindhoven High Tech Campus played host to the Smart Office Business Summit and Hackathon 2019. The event's first day was dedicated to a Smart Office Business Summit, which included presentations from several companies who work in the same smart office sphere that we do. This was in service of getting to know all the players in the smart office space and reframe the competitive landscape as a partner ecosystem.

    This hackathon was in service of getting to know all the players in the smart office space and reframe the competitive landscape as a partner ecosystem"

    By learning about each other's opportunities and priorities, attendees were able to see where the overlap and synergies are, setting the table for the hackathon itself.

    Hosting this event allowed Signify to showcase the flexibility and power of Interact, our suite of software applications and systems that bring connected lighting systems together with smart building, smart city, and other Internet of Things solutions.

    Using the rich set of Interact APIs, ecosystem developers can build innovative, scalable, and integrated implementations on top of the Interact IoT platform.

    Hackaton - point out

    What's a hackathon?

    Signify Business Process Expert Tricia Barton described a hackathon as simply "Developers and Red Bull together in one room." It can also be thought of as a way to combine energy and expertise in the service of creating solutions.

    By collaborating, everyone—companies and individuals—can use their own skills, innovations and unique “insider knowledge” to create products and services that truly interact with one another. In this way, we can elevate and expand what the words “smart office” mean.


    As Maarten Pieters, Head of Co-Creation and People Insights, says, "We're bringing together different companies within that smart office ecosystem to create joint value propositions."

    Double whiteboard

    Why a hackathon?

    There's a strong business case to be made for working this way. Alliance team member Remco Lansbergen says this event is part of an effort to "create a bunch of friends who can help us turn data that we collect from our luminaires into applications that can add value to our customers."

    That's indeed what we saw over the course of the three-day event, as cross-company teams sat together and tried to come up with smart office use cases and solutions.

    The six teams poured in creativity, cooperation, and elbow grease as they sought to hack, crack, and snack their way to smarter, more efficient buildings.

    Presenting results

    The results from the Smart Office Business Hackathon 2019

    On the final day, the teams presented their projects to a panel of judges, who were suitably impressed by the ingenuity of the solutions, each of which demonstrated the how the Interact APIs can integrate connected luminaires with other smart devices to create new value for smart buildings.

    This hackathon had very good cooperation, and many things are opening up from other companies."

    Hannu Nousu

    a participant from KONE, a smart technology company in Finland

    Perhaps from these condensed beginnings, some of the integrations will be taken to market. But regardless of the viability of those specific projects, new partnerships and alliances were formed. As was a general sense of increased possibility and greater collaboration among the players in attendance.

    As Hannu Nousu, a participant from KONE, a smart technology company in Finland, remarked, “This hackathon had very good cooperation, and many things are opening up from other companies.”


    And this is just the beginning. Co-creation works, and it's the wave of the future.

    Hackathon grid

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