Smart streetlights making the city safer in Pune, India


    April 20, 2020


    This streetlighting project in India improves road safety while reducing downtime and energy consumption

    How many times did you walk down a dark street, wishing there were more lights to brighten the way? You’re not the only one. In Pune – a city said to have the highest number of pubs in Asia – dark streets were becoming a cause for public concern.

    However, conventional streetlights were a costly and unreliable solution, leaving nearly three million people with poor public lighting. In a city of such a size, the authorities realized that making the residents feel safe was becoming critical.

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    From unsafe nights to bright roads

    Then, in the first public-private partnership of this kind in India, Pune turned the tables through a fully self-financed project with Interact City. “Our vision is for Pune to become a smart city, transforming the lives of residents using technology,” said Kunal Kumar, Joint Secretary & Mission Director in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, just before the launch.

    Thanks to Interact City technology, Pune city authorities can now control groups of lights remotely, resulting in up to 40% energy savings."

    The project saw 80,000 halogen streetlights replaced with energy-saving LED luminaires. And here’s the best part: the project fully financed itself. By using the energy savings and reducing maintenance costs, an Interact City system was able to be implemented without adding additional costs to the project budget.

    Thanks to Interact City technology, Pune city authorities can now control groups of lights remotely, resulting in up to 40% energy savings.
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    Interact City improves maintenance

    For the conventional streetlights Pune used to use, finding problems and ultimately repairing them was a slow-moving manual process, meaning a long downtime between outage and repair. For the city of Pune and its three million residents, this made driving in overcrowded streets even more dangerous.

    Thanks to the Interact City system all street lighting is now remotely connected, monitored, and controlled from a single room. This allows city authorities to identify faulty streetlights within seconds by receiving automatic SMS messages with fault notifications on their registered devices.


    The issue can then be resolved quickly; by enabling faster responses, Interact City increases visibility on the roads, reduces downtime, and helps citizens feel safer at night.


    The best results are achieved when we work together, which is why the citizens of Pune can now provide their own feedback to the project. They can now report streetlights that aren’t working properly, allowing the operations team to act faster to solve issues. The Interact City system allows them to collaborate with the authorities by contacting them via a mobile app or calling a toll-free number.  By empowering citizens to meaningfully participate in the caretaking process, the system offers further civic engagement benefits.

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    Bright nights, big savings

    This partnership between Pune and Signify shows that increased safety and energy efficiency don’t need to mean more costs. Brightening our cities and improving their sustainability profiles can be achieved in a way that’s revenue neutral. It also shows that community empowerment can be both a way of working, and an outcome of a well-designed and executed project. Want to read more about how we lit the streets of Pune, India? Check out our case study here.

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