New lighting paradigms

    Watch the Light Bite Trilogy on new lighting paradigms.


    In this Light Bite sequence, you will explore how to apply new lighting technologies to design next-generation solutions.


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    New lighting paradigms

    Part 1

    New lighting paradigms

    Part 2

    New lighting paradigms

    Part 3

    Presented by

    Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor
    Design Director for Innovation 
    Laura Taylor is Design Director for Innovation at Signify. It is her passion to apply the latest research and insights on lighting so that we can improve our quality of life.

    Key topics and learnings


    In this Light Bite series, you will discover how we are pushing the envelope and exploring the benefits of next-generation lighting systems for our homes, offices, hospitals, schools, stores and even cities.


    • Part 1:

    New forms of light, focuses on innovations that are revolutionizing the way in which spaces are lit, de-cluttering the lighting infrastructure and providing new visual and even acoustic experiences, through the use of textiles and connected light sources.


    • Part 2:

    The behavior of light, shows how easily programmable “light behaviors” can enhance the role lighting plays in supporting our everyday activities, indoors as well as outdoors, and for both personal and public applications.


    • Part 3:

    Beyond illumination, explores the ways in which LED has opened up all-new applications. The light infrastructure is becoming increasingly digital and intelligent - with endless options for personalization, monitoring and control.

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