The future of fashion and retail lighting

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    Future of fashion lighting

    Presented by

    Judith Wolting
    Judith Wolting
    Fashion Retail segment marketers at Signify
    Marleen Verhagen
    Marleen Verhagen
    Fashion Retail segment marketers at Signify
    Their focus is on the development and roll out of lighting solutions for European Fashion Retailers. This to help retailers to better Attract shoppers to their stores, Engage them longer and Convert shoppers into buyers more effectively.

    Key topics and learnings

    In a single generation, retailers have seen their industry change completely. Globalizing competition has opened up markets like never before. As a result of the Internet and mobile revolutions, you can carry a department store in your back pocket. And to top it off, the worldwide economic crisis has made consumers increasingly cautious about how they spend their money.


    As a result, retail locations have had to redefine their very raison d’être. Stores must be more than simply “a place you go to buy things” – they have to offer a unique and comprehensive shopping experience. Because the one thing brick-and-mortar shops will always have is actual space - a real-life environment with a unique character defined by color, texture and light.


    In the webinar The future of fashion lighting, you will discover how smart lighting can play a key role in this retail transition. This is especially true for the fashion industry, where the interplay with ambient light is an integral part of the product design. From dynamic in-store product presentation to unique fitting experience, lighting is transforming stores into stories.

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