Whitepaper: Why 5G and LiFi are a natural match

    Worldwide, internet data traffic is doubling every 18 months and much, if not most of this data, passes through a wireless network. Telecom operators are talking about how they will deal with this data torrent by implementing 5G. However, their customers are spending much time inside and 5G signals do not get into buildings very well. WiFi protagonists are promoting WiFi 6 standards to try and deal with the torrent by making more efficient use of their limited spectrum allocation. Isn’t there a better indoors match for 5G?

    This paper will explain:

    • As an indoor 5G companion, WiFi is not a fantastic fit
    • An upcoming technology, LiFi, offers a much better performance-fit to 5G, while offering a veritable plenitude of empty data highway, as well as several other advantages.

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