Illuminating a new office to optimize productivity and well-being

    Sartorius Stedim,


    Signify’s suite of innovative lighting solutions has enabled Sartorius to walk the talk of being a sustainability-centric organization while creating a conducive workspace for creativity, productivity and collaborations to thrive. 

    We chose Signify as their unique range of lighting innovations aligns perfectly to our goals of enhancing our employees’ health and well-being while creating positive environmental impact.”


    Amit Sharma, Managing Director, Sartorius Singapore, Sartorius Stedim Singapore

    Customer Challenge


    Sartorius recognizes the impact of lighting on their employees’ health and well-being and on the environment at large. For their new office in Singapore, they were searching for sustainable lighting innovations to address the lack of daylight penetration in their laboratories while creating spaces for their employees to learn, interact and perform at their best every day.


    Signify brings an all-encompassing suite of lighting solutions to cater to Sartorius’ varied needs. OneSpace, a luminous modular system, provides their meeting rooms with homogenous, glare-free lighting to ensure optimal visual comfort, allowing employees to stay focused and alert during every discussion.


    NatureConnect brings the benefits of natural sunlight into the laboratory spaces, which is critical in a space with no daylight penetration. This helps regulate the circadian rhythm of its engineers, improving their overall well-being. 


    In addition, Signify’s 3D print-on-demand luminaires gave Sartorius complete creative freedom. It also means they will consume close to 70% less energy than conventional lighting and cut carbon emissions by up to 76%, contributing to their circularity goals.

    Want to meet your sustainability goals with lighting?

    Case Studies

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      BNP Paribas office

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