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About Philips Lighting



Philips Lighting has been at the forefront of illumination for 125 years. From early electric bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs and connected lighting systems and services, we’ve revolutionized the world’s lighting.

We believe light can be used to inspire and inform, to improve health and well-being and to help people relax, concentrate or feel invigorated. It can make cities safer, and enable businesses to serve their customers better.

Now, in the digital age, light can take humanity’s brightest ideas even further. By harnessing the Internet of Things, connected lighting is giving us new ways to communicate, create and work together. Energy-efficient LEDs are helping people everywhere to brighten their lives while protecting the environment. Philips Lighting believes light is a positive force for change.

Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.

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