Corporate Social Responsbility in India

    Corporate Social responsibility

    As a responsible company, we aim to use our expertise and knowledge of lighting to give back to the communities in which we operate. We do this through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program and by supporting the Signify Foundation.


    Lives lit


    electricians trained


    villages illuminated


    schools illuminated


    playgrounds illuminated

    Lighting Lives


    Enabling access to relevant, affordable and sustainable lighting technology for off-grid and partially grid connected communities to help extend their productive day.


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    Lighting Entreprenuers


    We train young students to become qualified electricians and solar technicians as per NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation India) certified curriculum, through our training partners spread across India. This enhances their skills and opens up opportunities for future employment

    Humanitarian Lighting


    When a humanitarian crisis strikes, light is critical in delivering emergency assistance. Without adequate illumination, aid workers cannot deliver care or supplies after nightfall. In these situations, light doesn’t just assist relief efforts – it saves lives. By funding lighting technology for humanitarian projects, we aim to help aid workers and engineers to see clearly while increasing safety and security for those who are made even more vulnerable in disaster contexts.

    Signify foundation


    Signify is a proud supporter of the Signify Foundation, a global non-profit organization that improves lives, helps communities grow by increasing access to light and raising awareness about societal value created by increasing energy efficiency.


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    As part of the Signify family, we contribute to our shared commitment of enabling brighter lives and a better world! Simply by volunteering time and effort, Signify employees continue to make a positive difference and give back to the communities around us.