Corporate Social Responsbility in India

    Lighting lives

    As a responsible company, we aim to use our expertise and knowledge of lighting to give back to the communities in which we operate. We do this through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program and by supporting the Signify Foundation.

    Har Gaon Roshan
    (Village Lighting)


    The objective of this program is to promote rural development by providing solar energy-based lighting facilities in rural villages to enhance the safety of women and children after sunset and extend the working day of the village, thereby also enabling economic activities after sunset.

    Jagmag Pathshala
    (School lighting)


    The main objective of this program is to promote education by providing a better learning environment for school students in rural areas, through better illuminated classrooms powered by solar microgrids and LED lighting.

    Khel Jyoti (Lighting up playgrounds)


    The objective of the program is to promote rural sports by illuminating playgrounds in rural areas by providing better lighting facilities to nurture young sports talent and enable children to play after dark.