Next-generation architectural lighting

    Watch the Light Bite trilogy on Next-generation architectural lighting


    In this Light Bite sequence, discover how innovations in LED technology and large-scale lighting design can completely alter and improve the way in which a building is presented and experienced.

    Next generation architectural lilghting - part 1

    Part 1


    The first part of this series shows how an architectural application involves much more than just luminaires – including networking equipment, scene controllers, different user-interface options and a platform for authoring and commissioning.


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    Next generation architectural lilghting - part 2

    Part 2


    Part 2 illustrates how targeted lighting can transform and beautify city areas and structures by adjusting the ambience and providing the right – soothing or energizing – energy to an environment.


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    Next generation architectural lilghting - part 3

    Part 3


    The final part continues an examination of relevant case studies, showing the effects of interior and external lighting on a building’s appearance and “branding”, as well as the flow of people through the structure.

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    Presented by

    Adam Klein
    Adam Klein
    Adam Klein is the Global Systems Training Manager for the Americas. He is responsible for organizing and managing all training activities in North and South America.

    Key topics and learnings


    The cities we live in harbor a rich architectural diversity. Buildings and urban environments reflect a city’s history, a variety of styles and purposes, and different aspects of human culture and activity. The way in which we (high)light these features has evolved, incorporating new technological possibilities as well as novel insights into how people live their lives.

    In this Light Bite trilogy Next-generation architectural lighting, you will see how a comprehensive architectural lighting application is crafted from its constituent parts, and how the resulting illumination can shed new light on and give new life to the cityscape.

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