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    Value of Lighting


    Light is life. Yet so often we simply take light for granted.


    Light allows us not only to see and to navigate our surroundings, it also helps us feel good, it helps us function better.


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    LightingEurope (Signify is a member) want to showcase all that lighting can do – from the well-established energy savings that modern lighting technologies offer, to the less widely known benefits of the non-visual aspects of lighting. Facts and figures have been gathered from studies spanning various disciplines – even the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine is linked to how light impacts our body.


    #BetterLighting in our lives, whether we are at home, in our school or offices or on the street, is about having the right light, at the right time, and in the right place.


    #BetterLighting is made possible with the right combination of daylight and electric lighting in a building, it is enabled by lighting systems that manage when light is needed and can adjust the colour and intensity of the lighting.


    We invite you to join LightingEurope on this journey to see light… in a different light. Happy reading and learning!


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