How to get your home ready for autumn


    October 18, 2022


    Autumn is officially here! With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer, we must up the cosiness our homes, and the lighting is a perfect way to do so! The lighting should be inviting and comforting – not too bright and not too harsh – ensuring just the perfect level of warmth.


    We have put together a guide on ways to use light to your advantage in the shorter days ahead. Here is how smart lighting from Philips Hue can help!

    Create a kitchen fit for all purposes


    Whether you are cooking or entertaining, the right light can help. Add Lightstrips under your kitchen cabinets can give you focused, bright light for cooking, food preparation, and washing dishes. Ensure you create the perfect warm, cosy feel for your morning, or evening, cup of tea. Even cast your kitchen in colourful light to set the scene for a romantic dinner or party.

    Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip
    Take smart light with you with the portable Hue Go. From a splash of colour to a mood-setting centrepiece, the Hue Go lets you set the perfect ambience anywhere. The light is perfect to give any corner a cosy feel so you can enjoy your favourite book in your favourite spot.
    Hue Go
    Hue Go

    Get the room ready by syncing with Spotify


    Sync your Philips Hue smart lights with Spotify to create a perfect harmony. Whether you’re relaxing to mood music or hosting a lively party, your music becomes an experience you hear, see, and feel. Make the most of your music —create a symphony of light and sound.


    Get the garden ready for autumn fun!


    Who said you can’t enjoy the outside in autumn or winter? Create a garden ready for fun anytime of the day with outdoor smart lighting. Place spotlights along the walls and wash them with colour to light up otherwise dark areas. Add a spotlight aimed up a to help break up the darkness between the back porch and the fence. The garden should be a place of focus to help boost the aesthetics of your home and keep the outdoors more welcoming. Place path lighting, like Calla Pedestals, along your most-used routes to guide you from the porch to the shed, as use light to minimise the risk of injury while walking.

    Outdoor Lightstrip Scene People
    Calla Pedestal

    Create a welcoming entrance for guests


    With outdoor lights and motion sensors, you can create a welcoming entry for friends and family. Place a motion sensor above the porch to make it easier for you and your guests to come and go when it is dark.


    Use smart LED light to deter intruders, avoid incidents in the dark, or even reduce energy expenses, smart motion sensors are a great addition to a smart lighting system.

    Outdoor Motion Sensor
    Outdoor Motion Sensor

    Host a movie night!


    Surround lighting gives you an experience unlike any other. Watch a film or binge your favourite TV show with lights that flash, dance, brighten, dim and change colour right along with the action on the screen. Pair the HDMI sync box with a TV lightstrip to sync your light to the content on screen.

    Don’t just watch TV — experience it. 

    Home cinema
    Hue TV Lightstrip and HDMI Sync Box

    Indulge in the latest video game and dive in to a new world of gaming with the help of light. Get a gradient of reactive, colourful light for your gaming setup with the Gradient Lightstrip for PC.
    PC Gaming Lightstrip
    PC Gaming Lightstrip

    Create a captivating experience and the PERFECT home cinema set up with Hue.

    Become a morning person


    With the darker mornings approaching, why not use smart lighting to you benefit. Not a morning person? Well, the Gradient Signe Lamp can be your personal wake-up call. Watch the beautiful colours of the morning sun slowly blend together along the length of the lamp. Let the colours of the light slowly change, mimicking the gentle glow of candlelight, roaring fireplace or sunrise.

    Signe Lamp
    Signe Lamp

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