MeetDistrict Brussels is a 100% safe workplace with Trulifi

    To offer a safe co-working space and event location, MeetDistrict Brussels has implemented Signify’s Trulifi in its new building. Establishing high-speed wireless internet connections using invisible light and USB access keys creates a physical layer of security. Since data breaches are being reported in the news almost daily, general manager of MeetDistrict, Geoffroy Speyenbrouck, calls this unique technology their trump card.

    MeetDistrict offers a healthy workplace where its members can work extremely efficiently. With three locations currently, in Brussels, Gent and Antwerp, these are fast becoming not just a permanent workplace for its more than 2,700 members but also their favorite location for meetings, education and training, or events.


    MeetDistrict wants to be present in major city in the world eventually, so that people can work close to home, but also close to where business is done.

    The challenge


    Shared work environments are especially interesting for start-ups and scale-ups because they offer a cost-effective and scalable workplace. However, they also offer a good solution as cooperative working spaces for or between large corporate organizations. So they need to comply with the highest corporate standards on look & feel, safety, and security.


    “Above all, MeetDistrict aims to offer a safe workplace,” says Geoffroy Speyenbrouck, “but safety has several aspects. First and foremost, we designed the new building in Brussels in such a way that it ensures a healthy workplace. The healthier the workplace, the happier and more productive employees are – and the more successful the companies will be.”


    “Secondly, it is very important for us to guarantee cyber security, so MeetDistrict can maintain its reputation as a safe place to work and meet. We want members’ data to be safe when working at MeetDistrict. We hear about data breaches and cyber attacks almost every single day, so we aim to give our members a sense of freedom in their work by un-burdening them from these risks. That’s why we strive for the most secure way of working in our shared office spaces. Our internet connections are designed to be completely secure.”

    The solution


    “Being able to offer a 100% safe workplace is a big pro for shared workplace users,” concludes Geoffroy Speyenbrouck. “And because we want this to be true on the long-term, we searched for a partner who could meet this challenge in a highly professional manner. That’s why we started the collaboration with Signify. They showed us how to go that extra mile in cyber security. LiFi is a technology that creates a safe zone for processing data, even in a shared environment.”


    Trulifi makes it safe for shared workplace members to transmit data and work with confidence. LiFi is not accessible from outside the room. Moreover, it is only accessible using dedicated access keys with customer-specific encryption.


    “With Trulifi USB access keys, we can easily give people one-time access to a digital environment that is 100% safe. This is our trump card for the future. People will only be comfortable hosting an external meeting here when they know their data is safe.”

    “With Trulifi USB access keys, we can easily give people one-time access to a digital environment that is 100% safe. This is our trump card for the future. People will only feel comfortable hosting an external meeting when they know their data is safe.”

    Customer’s need


    MeetDistrict promises its customers a safe, healthy and efficient workplace. A quality wireless internet connection is essential of course, but by offering the best cyber security MeetDistrict differentiates its locations from other shared office spaces.


    Our solution:


    Trulifi by Signify offers MeetDistrict unique physical security on top of consistent high-speed, low-latency wireless internet connections. It achieves this firstly by using infrared and visible light for internet connectivity, so the workplace walls act as physical internet firewalls.


    Secondly, Trulifi’s USB access keys offer customer-specific encryption, for added security.



    MeetDistrict uses Trulifi technology to offer its members the best cyber security possible in shared workplaces. In 2021, MeetDistrict installed Trulifi transceiver units on the luminaires in its buildings, enabling them to offer its members USB access keys.




    MeetDistrict offers 20,000 m2 of healthy and efficient shared workspaces in Gent, Antwerp and Brussels. More than 2,700 members have made it their permanent workplace or make use of the 93 meeting spaces for meetings, education and training, or events.


    More than 300 events are held at MeetDistrict locations annually.

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