The Foundation aims to strengthen the entire access to light ecosystem with its resources. This includes partnerships with actors from innovators, technical service providers, distribution channels, financing agencies and organizations. Each relationship reflects the country-specific needs and operational context. 


    Partner/ project selection follows the process of project application, due diligence & risk assessment. Projects submitted for funding must fit within the Foundation areas of focus:


    • Lighting lives – green technology based solutions for enabling access to light or better light to communities unserved or underserved by the grid.

    • Lighting Entrepreneurs – technical and/ or business skills development to strengthen last mile distribution 

    • Humanitarian Lighting – In case there is a manmade or natural disaster context – lighting to be provided for emergency relief


    Projects and funding proposals that will not be considered as eligible include:


    • Individuals (all funds from the Foundation are directly given to one of our non-profit partners)

    • Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability

    • Religious endeavors

    • Political, legislative, lobbying or organizations

    • Movie, film or television documentaries

    • Concerts or other entertainment events

    • Marketing sponsorships, cause marketing or advertising projects


    Moreover, the Foundation will not support activities that aim to lead to a direct commercial benefit for businesses of Signify.


    Partners are assessed and selected based on criteria including, but not limited to:


    • Affinity with vision and mission, alignment with Foundation strategy

    • Dedication, capacity and experience in local context

    • Track record in execution of projects in energy, livelihoods & humanitarian settings

    • General reputation

    • Sustainability and scalability in the operational model

    • Focus on innovation