High-speed Internet through your lights with LiFi

    Introducing Trulifi, a new range of LiFi systems: great quality light and a reliable, fast internet connection.

    Where there’s light… there can be wireless communication through LiFi.

    By 2020, more than 50 billion devices will connect to the Internet, most wirelessly. This is placing wireless communication under increasing pressure. Put simply, the radio spectrum is becoming congested. What’s more there are areas where radio frequency wireless communication is not permitted or the best fit.

    Trulifi by Signify is the perfect solution. It’s a range of LiFi systems, providing two-way wireless communication that’s reliable, secure and fast.

    High-speed Internet through your lights with LiFi


    Our Trulifi systems modulate light waves to transmit data. A USB access key plugged into a laptop or tablet receives data and sends data back to a transceiver. By leveraging lighting infrastructure, Trulifi customers get the best of both worlds: great quality Philips light and a reliable, secure, high-speed wireless connection.

    Plug-and-play. Trulifi can be retrofitted into existing luminaires: an all-in-one solution to declutter your ceiling.

    LiFi Applications

    Trulifi is highly suited for use by banks, schools, government, healthcare, hospitality and industry; anywhere where wireless connectivity is poor, unavailable or restricted.
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    Government LiFi
    Connected offices
    Industry LiFi
    Industry 4.0
    Device integration
    Device integration

    The benefits of LiFi:

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    Trulifi is ideal for busy areas, such as multi-tenancy buildings, stations, airports and public areas. Network availability and overload are no longer an issue. Trulifi provides guaranteed bandwidth without interference from other radio communication systems.

    What’s more, it works in places where radio frequencies are not permitted, restricted or could cause interference – such as in hospitals, some schools, aircraft and industrial plants. It also works where radio frequencies don’t work well or at all.

    Trulifi actively coordinates traffic, ensuring good quality of service for all users, at all times. It uses the ITU G.9991 LiFi standard. 

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    Trulifi uses AES 128-bit encryption. Information is accessed using a USB access key. What’s more an extra layer of security is built-in, as light waves cannot penetrate walls. This all helps to make Trulifi as secure as wired communication. Perfect for applications where security is paramount:

    • Financial institutions
    • Government
    • Police
    • Military
    • Data centers
    • Corporate organizations
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    • Trulifi 6002 series has a net data rate up to 150 Mbps for the downlink and the uplink. That’s fast enough to stream simultaneously 30 1080p HDTV movies.
    • It’s perfect for offices and large spaces as each luminaire transceiver hands off seamlessly to another. And unlike other LiFi systems, it works with the lights on, dimmed or off.             
    • Trullifi 6013 is a fixed point-to-point system. It acts like a wireless cable with a guaranteed net data rate up to 250 Mbps for the downlink and uplink. It can be used in a host of environments – from connecting machines in a factory to sending large image files in a hospital. Trulifi 6013 is available with Blue, Red and Green light.

    Why Trulifi by Signify?


    With Trulifi by Signify, you get the double benefit of quality, energy efficient LED light and a secure and highly stable, robust and fast broadband connection. We provide you with everything you’ll need, from light sources and modems to USB access keys. As the world leader in lighting, we have leveraged our deep expertise in lighting for the Internet of Things and global footprint to offer this truly game-changing technology. With Trulifi by Signify light connects like never before and becomes a new intelligent language.