Flipping the Green Switch

    Lighting is the quickest path to a greener, smarter, more prosperous world


    Signify, the world leader in lighting, has created the Green Switch program so that you can take action without delay. LED and connected lighting offer one of the simplest and most often overlooked paths to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that, but IoT capabilities built on top of the connected lighting infrastructure can help make the smart future a reality today, spurring job creation and driving prosperity.


    Bold climate action is needed, and it’s needed now. Signify’s Green Switch provides many ways to quickly and conveniently participate in all five of the Green Deal’s flagship initiatives.

    Renovation wave

    With energy savings of up to 80% and the potential to save 100 megatons of GHG emissions per year, LED and connected lighting is a quick and easy win for sustainable renovation, smart cities, and building the digital infrastructure that a carbon-neutral economy requires.


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    Clean energy

    Harness the power of sunlight with hybrid and solar street lighting. Minimize emissions, build a citywide digital infrastructure, and scale up the use of renewables in your municipality. Use the energy savings to support integrated initiatives, such as powering electric vehicles.


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    Circular economy

    The circular economy has everything to do with sustainable consumption, reuse, and eliminating waste. Signify’s recyclable 3D-printed luminaires cut the carbon footprint for lighting in half. Circular streetlights reduce maintenance costs by 60%, with zero waste to landfill. And Light-as-a-Service approaches promote sustainability along the entire lighting lifecycle.


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    Clean mobility

    Charge stations built into digital streetlights support the Green Deal’s goal of a million EV charging points in Europe by 2025. Savings from energy-efficiency renovations and LED and solar street lighting can power tens of thousands of EVs without extra power generation.


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    A farm-to-fork approach helps to preserve the world’s food supply. LED grow lights boost crop quality and yield with up to half the energy consumption. Lighting designed for vertical farming near cities reduces the carbon and water use, and reduces food miles, while aquaculture lighting increases yield, improves feed conversion and improves animal welfare.


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    Digitalizing your lighting can eliminate 80% of lighting-related energy consumption. But that’s only the beginning. With sensors for collecting data and embedded communications, lighting can join the digital ecosystem and help you realize the full decarbonization potential of green solutions. Connected lighting systems can also offer exciting new applications and services that improve city inhabitants’ daily lives.


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    Signify's Green Switch plan


    From renovating buildings with connected LED lighting to embracing a circular economy, Signify lays out its action plan in a bid to support the EU Green Deal.

    Tackling climate change around the world


    World leaders are finally committing to large-scale climate action. But what does each continent's sustainability plan include? And what does it hope to achieve?

    2020 COVID emissions dip isn't enough


    There was a decline in carbon emissions during the pandemic, but it was merely drop in the ocean. More is needed to see real change.

    UV-C light will support Europe's recovery


    Buildings are one of the key areas where huge renovations are needed to make them more healthy and sustainable. But what part can UV-C disinfection lighting play?

    Europe needs to get tough in its switch to LED


    The European Green Deal wants Europe to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, Signify is calling for the annual pace of building renovation to be doubled to 3% a year.

    Make the switch to LED: The clock is ticking and the world is warming


    The time for change is now. If businesses and cities around the globe switch to LED lighting, we can reduce our carbon footprint by more than 553 million tonnes of CO2, the amount of emissions that 25 billion trees could sequester in a year.

    We’d love to help you flip the Green Switch